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Re: linuxppc

i've found an rpm and got everything installed but when i follow your quick start quide, i can never get the ldapadd or ldapsearch to work, its always "ldap_bind: no such object" or "ldap_bind: invalid credentials"

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is linuxppc supported for openldap? i successfully ./configure'd, make
depend'd, make'd, but when i cd tests and make'd, i got the following error:

[root@nc-99 tests]# make
ln: ./data: cannot overwrite directory
make: [all-local] Error 1 (ignored)
Initiating LDAP tests...
>>>>>>Executing all LDAP tests...
>>>>>>Test Directory: .
>>>>>>Backend: ldbm
>>>>>>Starting test001-ldif2ldbm ...
>running defines.sh . ldbm
>Datadir is ./data
>Cleaning up in ./test-db...
>Running ldif2ldbm to build slapd database...
>ldif2ldbm failed!
>>>>>>./scripts/test001-ldif2ldbm failed (exit 1)
>make: *** [all-local] Error 1

anything i can do to get openldap to work for linuxppc?

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