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libldap/url.c patch for IPv6 support (ITS#599)

Full_Name: Stig Venaas
Version: devel
OS: Linux
URL: http://domen.uninett.no/~venaas/ldap-IPv6-url.diff
Submission from: (NULL) (

With this patch URLs with hostport of the form [IPv6-address]
and [IPv6 address]:port works okay. It also makes
ldap_url_parsehosts which takes a string of hostports, accept
IPv6-address, [IPv6-address] and [IPv6-address]:port and
ldap_url_list2hosts will store an IPv6 address as
[IPv6-address] or [IPv6-address]:port.

I haven't had time to test this properly but I think it's okay.
For instance ldapsearch will now work with IPv6 address as host

Leaving on vacation tomorrow, so this will be my last patch for
a while. Let me know if anything needs be done and I'll look at
it when I get back.