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Re: derefDN locking problem (ITS#597)

At 06:56 PM 6/16/00 GMT, wes@umich.edu wrote:
>I found this bug by insert consistency checking in the RDWR code, e.g.
>that the count of readers, writers, and waiters should never be negative.
>The server immediately showed the error when doing ldapsearch with -a always.
>Since I'm not sure what derefDN() is supposed to be doing, I'm at a lose
>to fix it.

I don't see this behavior in devel codes (though I've fixed a
number of other aliasing problems).  Likely need to carefully
review the differences and backport key changes.  Can
you verify that I've added appropriate asserts to devel code
to detect this?  Also, we likely should add an alias test to
our suite just to make sure we're both testing the same thing.