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Re: IPv6 fixes for configure and slapd (ITS#581)

At 01:23 PM 6/9/00 GMT, Stig.Venaas@uninett.no wrote:
>Full_Name: Stig Venaas
>Version: devel
>OS: Linux
>URL: http://domen.uninett.no/~venaas/ldap_ipv6_20000609.diff
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>Here's a new patch. It adds configure options for getaddrinfo and IPv6. Both
>are auto by default, IPv6 requires getaddrinfo. It also makes slapd/daemon.c
>a bit cleaner. Some problems might show up when suddenly a lot of people will
>use the new code in slapd/daemon.c


I've committed your changes to daemon.c as well as a simple
getaddrinfo test for configure.  I'd like to discuss a different
configuration approach on devel and will post a message
there shortly.