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Re: How to define new objectclass and attributes (ITS#575)

> Full_Name: Koon-Fu Yim
> Version: 1.2.10
> OS: Red Hat 6.0
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I am new to LDAP and have installed and configured Openladp 1.2.10 on my Red Hat
> 6.0 server for qmail evaluation test.
> Having defined dn for organzation and person entries in the database for
> testing, I can retrieve and update the entries without problem. 
> I removed the database files from /var/qmail/users and started new definition
> for new objectclass qmailUser into the slapd.oc.conf file. Details of the entry
> is shown below:
> objectclass qmailUser
>      requires
>           objectclass,
>           mail,
>           uid,
>      allows,
>           mailMessageStore,
>           homeDirectory,
>           userPassword
>           mailAlternateAddress,
>           qmailUID,
>           qmailGID,
>           mailQuota,
>           mailHost,
>           mailForwardingAddress,
>           deliveryProgramPath,
>           qmailDotMode,
>           deliveryMode,
>           mailReplyText,
>           accountStatus
> I also added the following entries into the slapd.at.conf file:
> attribute    mailAlternateAddress    cis
> attribute    qmailUID                ces
> attribute    qmailGID                ces
> attribute    mailMessageStore        cis
> attribute    homeDirectory           cis
> attribute    mailQuota               ces
> attribute    mailForwardAddress      cis
> attribute    deliveryProgramPath     cis
> attribute    deliveryMode            cis
> attribute    mailReplyText           cis
> attribute    mailDotMode             cis
> attribute    mailHost                cis
> attribute    accountStatus           cis
> My slapd.conf have been updated as follow:
> include /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.at.conf
> include /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.oc.conf
> schemacheck on
> pidfile /usr/local/var/slapd.pid
> argsfile /usr/local/var/slapd.args
> loglevel 4
> database ldbm
> lastmod  on
> suffix "o=cwhkt, c=hk"
> rootdn "cn=root, o-cwhkt, c=hk"
> rootpw secret
> index mail, mailAlternateAddress, uid
> indes default none
> directory /var/qmail/users
> After defining the above information, I kill -9 all the slapd processes and
> restart them again using a script"/usr/local/libexec/slapd 
> -f /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf" from the /root directory. No response was
> shown after I started this command.
> Why? How and where can I define new qmail objectclass and attributes in order to
> start my qmail-ldap test. 
> Thanks.

Before you report a bug, make sure you review the FAQ and
then post your question to the openldap-software list,
rather than creating a bug report.

You should never 'kill -9' the slapd process, as you may be
risking database corruption (if you have uncached modifications).

However, that probably is not your problem.  In the manner you
started it, slapd is a daemon and just quietly goes into the
background (sometimes a little too quietly).  Use the ps command
to find out if it is still running, and use the -d flag to set
higher levels of debugging (eg. -d 65535, but you won't want to
run long that way).  Sometimes slapd will start up and then 
exit with a problem in the schema files, but it has divorced
itself from the terminal too quickly to report it there.

In any case, from what you have described, it's quite possible
that everything has worked correctly, since you don't describe
any subsequent attempts to perform searches, etc.