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Re: configure fails when CDPATH is set (ITS#551)

At 03:44 PM 6/5/00 +0200, Akim Demaille wrote:
>Kurt> Thanks for the response.  The autoconf version we're using is
>Kurt> 2.13.1.  
>Hm, that's a bizarre version.

We're also using automake 1.4a (aclocal only) and libtool 1.3.4.
This combination has proven to work well together.  We're still
sorting out what new combination to change to.  This tool chain
always seems to require a bizarre version or two.

>What is the date of the latest ChangeLog entry?

1999-10-05  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

>Kurt> We haven't upgraded to CVS Autoconf yet due to compatibility
>Kurt> issues regarding our macro use.  
>CVS Autoconf should not be a problem, but you are right: waiting at
>least for a snapshot is safer.

I had problems with CVS Autoconf (HEAD) as of a few days ago.
Changes to AC_DEFINE and autoheader break our multiple header
construction (which is kind of kludgy but works under 2.13).  Also,
the new AC_CHECK_TYPE breaks a few of our macros.  All of this
should be easy to update, but more work than I want at the moment.

>Kurt> We'll try to get this done before our next major release.  For
>Kurt> now, we are recommending our users unset CDPATH to avoid this
>Kurt> problem: env CDPATH=: ./configure
>Tell them to `unset CDPATH' instead, but your solution is OK.

In some shells, you need to use unsetenv, not unset.  However,
under most shells, env CDPATH=: ./configure works.