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IPv6 patch for the devel slapd (ITS#559)

Full_Name: Stig Venaas
Version: devel (todays CVS)
OS: Linux
URL: http://domen.uninett.no/~venaas/openldap6.diff
Submission from: (NULL) (

Here's a patch for IPv6 support in slapd.

The only changes are in servers/slapd/daemon.c. If INET6 is defined it
will use getaddrinfo and other new API functions, and you will get a
binary that uses IPv6 if available, but the binary will also work on IPv4
only hosts.

I could change configure so that INET6 is defined if getaddrinfo et al is
present, then on Linux with GLIBC 2.1, FreeBSD 4.0 etc. that has the new
API, the binary will have IPv6 support by default, but also work on IPv4
hosts. Then distributions can have one binary for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Do you want me to do that right away, or should we let it be a configure
option that people must use until we've had a few people testing it? If
we leave it on by default, there could still be an enable/disable option.

It looks good to me, but I'm almost surprised if there are no bugs in
there. Perhaps you see some problems right away....

The patch is a bit ugly because there are some interaction with the
LDAP_PF_LOCAL code. If everyone using LDAP_PF_LOCAL had the new API
(with getaddrinfo) things would be cleaner. Right now the code must
work with or without both LDAP_PF_LOCAL and INET6.