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Re: Quick Start Guide (conf note on directory) (ITS#549)

At 11:09 AM 5/28/00 GMT, cove+ldap@unicom.marin.cc.ca.us wrote:
>Full_Name: Cove Schneider
>Version: 1.2.10
>OS: FreeBSD-2.8.x

You mean 2.2.8, I presume.

>Though perhaps some note about that in the Quick Start docs wouldn't be a bad idea,

Maybe something in the FAQ... we want to keep the Quick Start Guide lean.
We will add a comment to slapd.conf so that folks realize the directory
needs to exist (and be writable to slapd).

>That or perhaps chainging the default
>directory to /var/tmp or /tmp(?),

In the next release, the default, IIRC, will be $localstatedir/openldap-ldbm
(where $localstatedir is determined by configure based upon user input)
AND the install script creates it.  /tmp or other world-writable directory
was a bad choice, I pressumed it was assumed that folks would specify
something better.