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Re: bug in ldapmodify means replace,add keywords are added as schema items during modify (ITS#547)

At 09:24 AM 5/26/00 GMT, jswith@jswith.f9.co.uk wrote:
>in the process of modifying a reccord using ldapmodify...
>using ldif...
>dn: cn=aperson,o=anorg,c=any
>replace: mail
>mail: aperson@anorg.dom
>this would replace the schema item mail...as intended...but also add the
>schema item replace with the value mail...if it already exists...the item
>replace would be replaced with the new value!

You failed to specify the changetype.  ldapmodify attempts
to guess in such cases, sometimes it guess wrong.


dn: cn=aperson,o=anorg,c=any
changetype: modify
replace: mail
mail: aperson@anorg.dom