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ldapadd problems...slapd crashes ... (ITS#540)

I am running openldap v 1.2.10 on a linux redhat 6.0,
and I really experience a lot of problems...
Indeed, the ldapserver crashes with the same message 

calloc of 57672698 elems of 4 bytes failed

(i launch slapd with the -1debug level) 

This occurs when I try to insert such person objects :

cn=vignaux eric, ou=DR AMIENS, o=sacem, c=fr

I don t know what to do now, because i tried to upgrade my 
version of ldap, compile it without thread support...

The only thing i can do is re generating the database with an ldif file, at
this point, it works ok,
but one later, problems occur 

Any idea ?

thank s and apologize for my english,
eric vignaux