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Re: Unaligned access in BER decoder (ITS#535)

At 12:44 PM 5/15/00 GMT, christian.zuckschwerdt@informatik.uni-oldenburg.de wrote:
>There seems to be a unaligned access problem for Tru64 (alpha cpu):
>Unaligned access <slapd> va=0x14048fa8c pc=0x12003eb98 ra=0x12003eb80

Yes. such messages, I believe, can be safely ignored.

The SIGBUS is likely unrelated.

>Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
>ber_getnint (ber=0x0, num=0x14048fa8c, len=1) at decode.c:166
>166             return( len );                               

The stack appears to be trashed (ber=NULL).  You'll likely
have to toy about with the debugger to sort out exactly what

>(gdb) bt                      
>#0  ber_getnint (ber=0x0, num=0x14048fa8c, len=1) at decode.c:166
>#1  0x12003ec28 in ber_get_int (ber=0x140015100, num=0x14048fa8c)
>    at decode.c:177                                              
>#2  0x12003f458 in ber_scanf (ber=0x140015100, fmt=0x1400012d6 "iiib")
>    at decode.c:445                                                   
>#3  0x12000c3e0 in do_search (conn=0x14006ce78, op=0x14047b680) at search.c:65
>#4  0x12000ba88 in connection_operation (arg_v=0x0) at connection.c:74        
>#5  0x3ff805b5aec in __thdBase ()