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Re: memory leak

At 03:17 PM 5/12/00 +0200, Kaouass Rachid wrote:
>I work on FreeBsd and use Net::LDAP in perl5 and slapd 1.2.9-Release : 
>I have a little problem I don't understand why the memory used by my
>Ldap server increase at each request.


>At then end of the day the memory used 133Mo !!!!!! and crash the system
>of course, because I only have 64Mo.

Add swap space or decrease cache settings.

>And it is very slow, does it come from the Net::LDAP or it comes from my
>server ?

See FAQ.

>PLease answer me as soos as possible, because it has to be finished for
>next week !
>Thanks :)
>Rachid Kaouass