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Re: back-ldbm: corrupted attribute index files (ITS#314)

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:
> Do you see this problem with latest code (1.2.10).  We've made
> a number of changes to the indexing system since you made this
> report.

Sorry for the delay, but I' have been quite busy the last days.
The site I noticed the problem is an offsite consulting project -
as far as I know they still run 1.2.7. I will contact them and if
they wish so, I will arrange to upgrade to 1.2.10.

Any other OpenLDAP installations I made are runing on Solaris/Sparc - I
never had (ITS#314) indexing problems there.

Lars Uffmann, <lars.uffmann@mediaways.net>, fon: +49 5241 80 40330