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RE: Problems building with threads on OpenBSD (ITS#521)

I'm hoping this message reaches someone because after fighting with OpenLDAP
for the past two weeks I have finally narrowed down to issues that have been
bugging me.

The first involves ITS#521 - Problems building with threads on OpenBSD. I
was following the instructions on the OpenLDAP Faq-O-Matic (OpenLDAP
Faq-O-Matic -> OpenLDAP Software FAQ -> Installation -> Platform Hints ->
OpenBSD), and that apparently was my problem. The simple solution to build
OpenLDAP on OpenBSD with threads is:

1.) Ignore the instructions in the Faq-O-Matic for OpenBSD
2.) Set the CPPFLAGS environment variable to '-pthread'
	# export CPPFLAGS=-pthread
3.) Run the configure script with the '--with-threads' option.
	# ./configure --with-threads

While building slapd and the others, it will result in compiler messages
with '-pthread' in there twice, but there are no warning messages related to
threads and compiles and links fine.

On a final note, the reason I was trying to build with threads was because I
was having performance issues on the Pentium-75 I'm using to host it, and
the repsonses from slapd to other machines were taking far too long. I was
hoping that building with threads would clear up the issue. However, it
turned out that the test machines I was using had IP addresses assigned by
DHCP (which I also knew), but the IP addresses weren't in the DNS. My
performance issue turned out to be a long-timeout waiting for the DNS to
respond that it didn't have those IP addresses in it. I simply put the names
and addresses in the host file for each appropriate machine, and volia!
Instant performance improvement.

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