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Re: Why is slapd opening so many tcp connections?

Giuseppe Lo Biondo wrote:

> I use ldap for this purpose, on a machine with 300 users and I had to
> increase the number of filedescriptors to 16000 to make things work but
> now everiting is fine. I've also tried nscd but it didn't worked (atfer a
> while no user was able to autenticate).

I have found that disabling hosts in /etc/nscd.conf:

	enable-cache            hosts           no

improves its stability.  However, I have also found that the precise
combination of nscd, nss_ldap and openldap libraries also makes for a
difference.  So it gets some testing until you have something that
works.  But it is really worth it.  For the record, this is what I am

	nss_ldap-85-2STL (trivially built by myself)
	openldap-20000330-1STL (same from CVS version from said date)

> Does anyone know where I can find the source code of nscd?

It is in glibc-2.1.2-11.src.rpm.