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Re: Why is slapd opening so many tcp connections?

On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, Julio [iso-8859-1] Sánchez Fernández wrote:

> Nikhil Datta wrote:
> > I am able to successfully login as that user (though the performance seems
> > low).
> Look for nscd (the Name Service Cache Daemon), nscd-2.1.3-15 should be
> on the CD.  Performance improvement will be dramatic.  Finger will never
> be fast, but even finger -m will be quick.  Make sure you index cn, uid,
> uidnumber, gidnumber and memberuid.

I use ldap for this purpose, on a machine with 300 users and I had to
increase the number of filedescriptors to 16000 to make things work but
now everiting is fine. I've also tried nscd but it didn't worked (atfer a
while no user was able to autenticate). Does anyone know where I can find
the source code of nscd?