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Re: ldap_result always transfers entire query result over network (ITS#487)

At 07:09 PM 3/21/00 GMT, kpinc@artic.edu wrote:
>It appears that even when ldap_result is called with the "all" argument set to
>the entire query result is tranfered over the network for each ldap_result

The parameters of ldap_result to not affect how the server responds to
requests, they affect how ldap_result behaves while parsing the server
provided results.  See ldap_result(3) for details.

>When the result set is large, performance is terrible.

Issue requests that result in smaller results, but...

>I'm running nss_ldap version 105, and trying to use ldap to store unix groups.
>Programs that getgrent (which returns "the next" group entry) through the group

As entries in containers are not orderred, I would suggest that one ldap search
be issued for each sequence of getgrent() calls made by application (sets
delimited by setgroupent()/setgrent()/endgrent calls).  One could use
ldap_result(all=0) to set through the results as needed for getgrent() or
use ldap_result(all=1) and ldap_first/next_entry().