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Re: OpenLDAP & Netscape LDAP compatibility.. (ITS#474)

ahu@ds9a.nl wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 09, 2000 at 05:53:38AM +0000, asif@euclidnet.com wrote:
> > Our primary concern is; whether Netscape LDAP on NT can communicate with
> > OpenLDAP
> > on linux.
> 'Never assume' - so I would suggest trying it out. I am not clear on what
> you mean. Clients should very well be able to connect to OpenLDAP running
> under Linux. It may not be possible to have an Netscape LDAP server
> replicate to an OpenLDAP server.

Client interoperability should definitely be there. 
Replication interoperability isn't supposed to be there, but 
you might be lucky. The DS3.x and 4.x servers replicate by
connecting to the replica as a regular client (with a 
magic bind DN) and then proceed to use regular LDAP 
update operations to make their changes to the replica.
However, at some point we started adding controls
to this process to do things like keep the correct
modified time on the replicated entries. The openLDAP
server won't understand those.