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padl migration tools naming suffix problem (ITS#470)

Full_Name: Karl O. Pinc
Version: 1.2.7
OS: Linux
Submission from: (NULL) (

Maybe openldap.org cares about this and maybe not...

Using migration tools version 3.21 (as providedin the RedHat 6.1 openldap
1.2.7-2 rpm).

The documentation says:

 $DEFAULT_MAIL_DOMAIN           The mail  domain used for   the mail
                                attribute in  migrate_passwd.pl when
                                extended schema support is enabled.  You may
                                override this with the DEFAULT_MAIL_DOMAIN
                                environment variable.

 $DEFAULT_BASE                  The   naming  suffix   to  use    in
                                entries'  distinguished   names.  If
                                undefined, this will be constructed by
                                mapping the mail domain name into a
                                distinguished name (eg aceindustry.com
                                becomes dc=aceindustry,dc=com ).  You may
                                override this with the LDAP_BASEDN
                                environment variable.

1) The LDAP_DEFAULT_MAIL_DOMAIN is the shell variable that sets the default

2) But,  the naming suffix is _not_ constructed from the mail domain when the
domain is set with LDAP_DEFAULT_MAIL_DOMAIN, the LDAP_BASEDN shell variable is 
the _only_ way to set the naming suffix.

A little shuffling of the assignment order in the perl script
would fix this.