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Re: slapd segfaults (ITS#468)


At 10:48 PM 3/1/00 GMT, ian@nmsu.edu wrote:
>Full_Name: ian logan
>Version: devel
>OS: redhat 6.1
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>Under Redhat 6.1 slapd (built from last nights sources) segfaults trying to
>a constant string.  The seg fault was triggered by doing a simple search like
>servers/slapd/backend.c backend_operational() (line 644) has
>a->type = "subschemasubentry";
>This is later free'd in send_search_entry (result.c line 846), which ends up
>attr_free which says free(a->a-type) causing the segfault.
>Changing servers/slapd/backend.c (line 644) to read
>a->type = ch_strdup("subschemasubentry");
>has fixed this for me.