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Re: configure script adds -lc_r on FreeBSD instead of using -pthread (ITS#466)

At 01:23 AM 2/26/00 GMT, jb@cimlogic.com.au wrote:
>Full_Name: John Birrell
>Version: Built from latest cvsup
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>On FreeBSD, gcc will link against the libc_r (the threaded version of libc)
>*instead* of libc iff you use the -pthread argument when linking.

It should be using -pthread under FreeBSD.  I don't have 4.0-Current
loaded at the moment (though I did a couple of months ago) and did
have any problems with -pthread detection.  Then, again, a lot can
change in a couple of months).  I did just now confirm the configure
does work under 3.4-STABLE for what's that is worth.

Can you provide the relevant details from config.log?

Also note that numerous environmental factors/variables impact
proper detection (noted in INSTALL and doc/install/configure).

Also, do you have (or have had) any portion of LinuxThreads on your
system?  If so, check for conflicting headers and libraries anywhere
in your header/library paths.