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Re: Enhancement to slapindex (ITS#457)

> Full_Name: Mark Adamson
> Version: devel
> OS: Solaris
> URL: http://nil.andrew.cmu.edu/openldap/multislapindex
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I was using the "slapindex" program to create new index files for my LDBM
> backended
> database. It took about 1.5 hrs to run, to reindex a single attribute. I had
> several
> attributes that I wanted to reindex, and it seemed absurd to do this one at a
> time;
> the slapindex program should be able to reindex multiple attributes in a single
> run.
> I made changes to the latest (devel) build of slapindex to allow this, it was
> fairly
> trivial. I ran it, giving it 6 attributes to index at once. It took under 2 hrs
> to
> run, instead of the 9 hrs it would have taken to run them serially.
> As per the patch submission guidelines, a "diff -luN" of the changes is
> available at
> 	http://nil.andrew.cmu.edu/openldap/multislapindex
> Share & Enjoy.
> -Mark Adamson
>  Carnegie Mellon University

This is a great idea, but I think you may be incorrect in your assumption
(unless you actually timed it) that the indexing of all 6 attributes would
take 6x the time of the first indexing.  Substring (including dn) indexing
takes far longer than those which are simply exact, or existence.

Randy Kunkee
NeoSoft Inc.