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Re: trouble with replication

At 05:09 PM 2/3/00 +0000, Olivier Aussage wrote:
>> Using ldap command line tools or what?   Please repeat using
>> ldapmodify.
>whatever you want: command line (ldapmodify), api (Net::LDAPapi,
>Net::Ldap ...)

Can you provide the ldapmodify command line/input used against
the master and the resulting replog?

>Actually how is it possible that slapd produces log for slurp which are
>wrong ? 

That's what got me puzzled.  I do not see how an OpenLDAP 1.2
slapd could have generated:
	changetype: modify
	replace: at

For either a modify/delete or a modify/replace operation.
Hence, why I ask for your ldapmodify input to the master.

Then, again, I haven't finished my morning caffeine...