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Re: trouble with replication

At 03:09 PM 2/3/00 +0000, Olivier Aussage wrote:
>I'm running 1.2.7 on a Linux 2.2.14 system.
>I have a master Ldap server and two replicate servers.

Are all servers and tools from 1.2.7?

>I have a particular attribut which contains some flags :
>--> at: bu,cp
>Adding a flag is OK even on the slapves server but when I want to remove
>all the flags, it works fine on the master ldap server but there is no
>replication for this modification on the slaves. (The attribut 'at' is
>not require in the objectclass so it can be empty or missing).

Using ldap command line tools or what?   Please repeat using

>Here is what I found in the slurpd.replog :
>Here I just add the flag 'bu' to the attribut at :
>replica: ldap2.priv2
>replica: ldap3.priv2
>time: 949589247
>dn: L=AO005-2,M=AO005,C=OLEANE,T=B
>changetype: modify
>replace: at
>at: bu
>Here I removed this flag :
>replica: ldap2.priv2
>replica: ldap3.priv2
>time: 949589253
>dn: L=AO005-2,M=AO005,C=MYCOM,T=B
>changetype: modify
>replace: at

It appears the client sent an modify/replace without
any values.  In OpenLDAP 1.x, this is considered an
error.  The server should have reported a protocolError
"No values given" error.   Is it possible that the
master is actually something other than OpenLDAP 1.x,
say OpenLDAP-devel?