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defines.sh: export <name>=<value> doesn't work in Solaris 7 sh (ITS#437)

Full_Name: Göran Öberg
Version: 2.0 (current CVS as of 2000-02-02)
OS: Solaris 7
URL: http://www.luth.se/~goggi/proj/ldap/openldap/2.0/goggi-ldap-2.0_2000-02-02.diff
Submission from: (NULL) (

In ldap/tests/scripts/defines.sh there is a line which
exports and assigns a value to LD_LIBRARY_PATH at the same

This is incorrect syntax in Solaris 7 bourne shell which
is easily solved by splitting into a separate assignment
following by an export. I think this solution is generic
enough to work on most (all?) bourne shell flavours.

The URL points to the minimal patch correcting the export
line, changing it into an assignment and then an export.