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DB_THREAD failures (ITS#411)

Full_Name: Troy Benjegerdes
Version: 1.2.8
OS: Yellow Dog Linux (PPC)
Submission from: (NULL) (

There is no mechanism to detect whether the DB_THREAD flag is supported on a
particular platform when using the db2 ldbm interface.

Sleepycat Berkeley db2 (provided with glibc-2.1.x) apparently requires
specific ASM code for DB_THREAD to work. The result is that while a build on
successfully completes, slapd, ldif2ldbm, etc all report errors like:

ldif2ldbm: ldbm_db_errcall(): ==> illegal flag specified to db_appinit
ldif2ldbm: ldbm_initialize(): FATAL error in db_appinit() : Invalid argument

I suspect using an alternate --with-ldmb-api configure flag will fix this
but I do not know the best way to do this.