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Re: substring searches very broken HELP HELP URGENT :-( (ITS#402)

On Mon, Dec 20, 1999 at 03:00:20PM +0000, Howard Chu wrote:

> OK, I have verified that my suggested patch actually fixes this problem. I
> was able to reproduce the original problem using unmodified 1.2.8 source,
> and the problem did not recur after patching idl.c. Thanks for your help
> in zeroing in on the source of the problem.

Any time. So far OpenLDAP has done more for me than the other way around :-)
I was wondering however if some kind of announcement should be made about
this. Many people will have problems with this without really knowing it,
while many queries fail. Not good.

The fix isn't simply to upgrade, you need to reindex before your problems
disappear, so there is no silent solution.


bert hubert.

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