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Re: BeOS build broken for 2.0-devel tree. (ITS#403)

Allen Reese wrote:
> I know for a fact that any version of BeOS >=4.5 sockets are not
> file descriptors.

No, you have no clue what unreleased versions of BeOS will be like.
And you don't know for a fact that the installer has linked in some
socket library which resolves the issue.

(this is not to say that we should or should use a platform test
in this case, that should be discussed)

> > >initgroups(u,g) is missing.  I have added an initgroups define to
> > >include/portable.h.in to fix this for BeOS.
> >
> > HAVE_INITGROUPS should be used to control behavior. This can
> > either be localized in <ac/unistd.h> or in the particular
> > .c file which called initgroups().
> ac/unistd.h   servers/slapd/daemon.c is the only place I can find calling
> it.  I'll look at writing an autoconf test for it.

The initgroups is already detected and HAVE_INITGROUPS is available.
It just need to be properly used.