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Re: substring searches very broken HELP HELP URGENT :-( (ITS#402)

On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 07:28:40PM +0000, kurt@boolean.net wrote:
> >And now the funny part. It only outputs 2711 entries, instead of 3659 it
> >should. 
> Apparently only 2711 of the 3659 candidates matched the filter.
> What did the parameters of the search differ from that that
> returned 3659 entries?

Nothing I can make out. And I stared at it long enough :-) The filter was
identical to the key searched (ie (*2-1*)). It's impossible for the entries
to end on 2-1, nor can they begin with it.

Each and every candidate should match therefore.

Per your instructions, I am rebuilding the entire database now, with some
surprising results. Some index files actually are larger now then they are
in the production ldap! This either means that ldbmcat and ldif2ldbm mess
up, or that my ldap was seriously ill.

I have upgraded from OpenLDAP 1.2.notmuch to OpenLDAP 1.2.6-RELENG without
any intervening reindexing, was this wrong?

Once reindexing is finished, I'll report back here.

Lots of thanks for the help so far. I'll try and get people here
enthousiastic again about supporting the open source projects we depend
upon. I hope my tiny patches every now and then make up for some of the time
I abuse from people here :-)


bert hubert.

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