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Re: ldapsearch with -s "one" works where -s "sub" fails (ITS#378)

Well, at last I solved the problem.

I'm awfully sorry, but the problem was, I was thinking I was using
openldap 1.2.7, but actually a colleague of mine copied the slapd-binary
from version 1.2.1 to another directory, from where it was started by an
init.d-start-script. Since I used this start/stop-script to start slapd,
I never started the new version of slapd (which I compiled at least
10-15 times) So I was using the new version of ldif2ldbm, ldapsearch and
everything, except slapd, which was version 1.2.1.
Again, sorry for cluttering the mailing-list, with the real version of
slapd my problems went away.

One suggestion: I think it would help to prevent problems like this if
slapd would output it's version if started with the debugging-option.
Another possibility would be to include a "-v"-switch which outputs the
Just my 2c

Thanks for your help,


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