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At 12:20 PM 12/14/99 GMT, speranza@unipg.it wrote:
>Dear community,
>I'm an italian student and for my thesis I decided to make run your 
>I download it, I configure it and I make the test but using "make"   
>into the directory "tests" but it stop before the end after the
>command-line "using ldapsearch to retrive all the entries".
>What does it mean?

You have not provided enough information for me to draw any
conclusions.  Please reply to openldap-its@openldap.org with
details of your environment, configuration, and explanation of

>Another thing: can you tell me somenthing of the basilar operations to start 
>work with it?

Such questions are outside the scope of issue tracking.  Please
see the OpenLDAP LDAP FAQ for references to websites and books
which provide such information.

>At the end, can you tell me something about the LDBM?

LDAP Database Manager - an internal library which provides
a common API to various database managers (such as BDB and

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