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Re: escaping '*' in search strings (ITS#275)

At 09:30 PM 12/10/99 GMT, noel@burton-krahn.com wrote:
>If this doesn't supoprt preemtive threading, then 
>(a) does OpenLDAP use threads at all under linux

The LinuxThread Pthread implementation is just one of many
Pthread implementations available for Linux.  It appears to
currently the most popular (because it is preemptive).  However,
OpenLDAP 1.x is not designed to be used with preemptive threading.
If you desire to use OpenLDAP --with-threads, you should use a
non-preemptive threading package of which there are numerous
available for Linux (and other operating systems).  I am not an
everyday Linux user, I cannot make a Linux specific recommendation.

However, in general, I found that Gnu Pth is quite sound.  Depending
on your system, you might have to do some minor tweaking of Gnu Pth
Pthread emulation, OpenLDAP, or system headers to get things compile.
(or you could back port the native devel's native pth binding to

>(b) if so, how could they work on a single processor, but not dual?

Because the problem is subtle and must less likely to burn you
in a single processor environment.