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access control and Search

I have this config:



access to *
  by * search

but when I did a search say:

ldapsearch -L -b "dc=surfshop.net, dc=ph" "objectclass=*"

all I got is the error code of 0 and no matching entries.

There are only 2 ways I find that get matching results and these are:

1. Bind as rootdn and 
2. Change access of * to read

My questions are:

1. Why is it that I'm not granted access even though the access 
   for * is "search"?  What are the limitations of "search" access?
2. Why is it the return code is 0?  Why not 50 (0x32)?  which tells
   that my access right is insufficient. 
3. Is there something wrong with my search query?