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ldap_rename parameter order (ITS#387)

Full_Name: Steven F. Sonntag
Version: development
OS: Win NT
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

The ldap_rename and ldap_rename_s functions have a function prototype different
than that described in the draft currently being considered by the IETF.
Specifically, the newparent and deleteoldrdn parameters are reversed.

The OpenLDAP version:
	LDAP *ld,
	LDAP_CONST char *dn,
	LDAP_CONST char *newrdn,
	int deleteoldrdn,
	LDAP_CONST char *newSuperior,
	LDAPControl **sctrls,
	LDAPControl **cctrls )

The IETF and Mozilla versions:
         int ldap_rename(
                   LDAP            *ld,
                   const char      *dn,
                   const char      *newrdn,
                   const char      *newparent,
                   int             deleteoldrdn,
                   LDAPControl     **serverctrls,
                   LDAPControl     **clientctrls,
                   int             *msgidp

Is this done on purpose, or is it an oversite.  I checked the man pages, but
ldap_rename isn't described in the man pages, so I am assuming it is a bug.