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problem with openldap mail clients


i have just installed the openldap ver 1.2.7-Release package rpm on a redhat
linux 6.1, pII 350mhz, 64mb. 
the server and database are running fine. i can also see the database contents
with the ldapsearch command. i can add data to the database with ldapadd.

but, i cannot search the databae from a mail client - eg. netscape messenger
or outlook express.

netscape messenger gives the error: Failed to search 'ldap' due to LDAP error
"No such object" (0x20)'
when i know that the particular record is present as i can see it thru
outlook express says that there is no data matching the search criteria.

i need help in this part, as we are planning to use the ldap server primarily
as a email adress book, as of now.

any help will be appreciated.
thank you in advance,

Jatin Nansi

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