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Re: slapd hangs (ITS#375)

At 03:40 AM 11/23/99 GMT, sjh@fosters.ucf.ics.uci.edu wrote:
>> Looks like the server was still listening... it could, however,
>> be out of some resource.  The logs might give you some clue
>> as to which resource you ran out of.
>> 	Kurt
>I got this from a truss of the hung server:
>accept(3, 0xEFFFFAD0, 0xEFFFFAC0, 1)            Err#24 EMFILE
>poll(0xEFFFF818, 54, -1)                        = 13
>time()                                          = 943327794
>accept(3, 0xEFFFFAD0, 0xEFFFFAC0, 1)            Err#24 EMFILE
>(over and over)
>So, it would seem slapd is running out of file desciptors...

OpenLDAP does not handle running out of resources well.
I suggest to increase the number of file descriptors available
to OpenLDAP AND that you are using are well behaved clients.
(A number of clients, such as older versions of MS clients,
have nasty session leaks).  You might also experiment with
idle session close codes.