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Re: Y2K fix (clients/ud/print.c) (ITS#353)

Kurt, I am not the author of that patch -- I was asked to create & submit 
the patch, since the person who did the work did not do it. 
So, all I know that his change handles 4 digit years a-litle better, and 
year > 1999 much better.

I am very new to the Devel, so I am still trying to find my way around.
If I can ftp your print.c, compile and test, I can form an opinion.


In message <199911172035.UAA59910@cantor.boolean.net>, Kurt Zeilenga writes:
>I applied the Y2k fix from devel to OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_1_2:
>  cvs diff -r1.8 -r1.11 print.c
>I believe this to be equivalent to your patch.  Please review.