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Re: Undefined type LDAP_UINT4 (ITS#341)

Keith Thompson wrote:
> > Does the T90 have any integer type which is exactly 32 bits long?
> > What is it and where is it defined?
> No, it doesn't.  The char types are 8 bits; short, int, long, and
> long long are all 64 bits.


> The only way to get a 32-bit object is as an array of 4 chars
> or as a bit field.  (If you don't need to do too much arithmetic,
> unsigned char[4] might be the way to go.)

I rather just replace the SHA1 code with something less dependent
on the exact size of integer types (or their byte order).  Luckily
I don't need to look far to find suitable replacement codes.


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