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Re: Undefined type LDAP_UINT4 (ITS#341)

At 01:22 PM 11/3/99 GMT, you wrote:
>> SHA1 code requires that uint32 to be EXACTLY 32 bits long.
>I'm working on a tentative solution.  In ldap/include/ac/bytes.h,
>I'm adding code that will use type {signed,unsigned,} short for
>LDAP_{S,U,}INT4 if short is 4 bytes (and both int and long are
>bigger than 4 bytes).  This covers the T3E.  If neither long, int,
>nor short is 4 bytes, it falls through to a "#error" directive; this
>means it won't compile on the Cray T90, but at least the reason for
>the failure will be clear.

Does the T90 have any integer type which is exactly 32 bits long?
What is it and where is it defined?

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