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LDAP_DEBUG_STATS for DEL inconsistent format (ITS#346)

Full_Name: Wesley Craig
Version: 1.2.7 + changes
OS: Solaris 2.6
Submission from: (NULL) (

The Debug( LDAP_DEBUG_STATS, ... ) for do_delete() in slapd is not consistent
with Statslog()s in other do_*() calls.  Most calls log the connection
and op.  To be consistent, the line in do_delete() would change from

	Debug( LDAP_DEBUG_STATS, "DEL dn=\"%s\"\n", ndn, 0, 0 );

to something like

	Statslog( LDAP_DEBUG_STATS, "conn=%d op=%d DEL dn=\"%s\"\n",
            conn->c_connid, op->o_opid, e->e_ndn, 0, 0 );