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Re:: PR#327 (ITS#342)

At 03:04 PM 10/30/99 GMT, tsyshevsky@mail.ru wrote:
>FIX: To make ctime_r prototype visible to GCC, one of _POSIX_THREAD_SAFE_FUNCTIONS or _REENTRANT macros need to be defined when compiling test for ctime_r arg number in configure script. Without it the test are compiled successfully for ANY number of arguments in ctime_r function

First, some background:

_POSIX_THREAD_SAFE_FUNCTIONS should only be tested by applications to
see if ctime_r() and friends are available.  It should never be set
by an application.

_REENTRANT should, in general, only be defined by threaded applications.
Doing so otherwise can be problematic.  Our configure tests dances
around this _REENTRANT issues by only defining after determining
behavior of applications linked with non-threaded libraries.

Lastly, resolution:

I've modified the test ctime_r() number of argument test to return
0 if no prototype is available.


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