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Re: Undefined type LDAP_UINT4 (ITS#341)

At 11:42 PM 10/29/99 GMT, kst@sdsc.edu wrote:
>In lutil_md5.h and lutil_sha1.h, the type uint32 is typedef'ed as
>LDAP_UINT4.  The header that declares LDAP_UINT4, bytes.h, assumes that
>either int or long is exactly 32 bits, which is not the case under UNICOS
>(both int and long are 32 bits).  The provided patch defines uint32 as
>unsigned long, in accordance with a comment in lutil_md5.h.

SHA1 code requires that uint32 to be EXACTLY 32 bits long.

Also note, we, in general, prefer to apply changes to OpenLDAP-devel
first and then back port the changes to 1.2.  You may want to
experiment with OpenLDAP-devel which is available via AnonCVS.

Kurt D. Zeilenga		<kurt@boolean.net>
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