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RE: Problems with Password Encryption (ITS#292)

That's exactly what was happening. Since I've imported data from Netscape I tried to get the data schemas as compatible as possible.
Setting userpassword to ces it works.

Thank You very much.


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> From:	Kurt Zeilenga [SMTP:openldap-its@OpenLDAP.org]
> Sent:	luned> ì 18 ottobre 1999 17:12
> To:	rv33100@glaxowellcome.co.uk
> Subject:	Re: Problems with Password Encryption (ITS#292)
> please verify that your schema does not redefine the syntax of
> userpassword to binary.  userpassword must be of syntax 'ces' for
> hashed passwords to work.  Some 3rd party schemas modify the
> syntax to 'bin', breaking our hashed password support.
> Kurt