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Re: test succeeded but... (ITS#320)

At 03:30 PM 10/7/99 GMT, forchino@rucola.polito.it wrote:
>Hello, I'm installing OpenLdap in a RedHat 5.2:
>I've done all configuration, dependencies and make, I try the tests and
>all tests succeeded. than I've done make install and ldap was installed
>in the right dir and was all correct.
>I start slapd and seems all correct but if I try to search something
>with ldapsearch it always says: No such object!
>I tried also to do so with the test configuration files and the
>test.ldif file, the ldif2ldbm make its work, ldapsearch can connect and
>bind with the server but I don't have the results. Why? What is my
>I hope this is the right address, I've found in the readme file.
>Thanks if you can help me, 
>alberto forchino

Trying building your initial directory using ldapadd per the
quickstart guide.

If you have problems and you cannot find the answer in our
FAQ or list archives (check both -software and -bugs), please

1) slapd.conf settings
2) exact ldapadd/ldapsearch commands used (including input)
3) exact output of commands
4) relevant slapd logging.

Also provide details on the version of OpenLDAP used and how
it was built.


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