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Re: pthreads Linux (ITS#310)

At 09:55 PM 9/27/99 GMT, wsteffen@bwn.net wrote:
>Full_Name: Warren Steffen
>Version: 1.2.7
>OS: Linux

Details please...  Which Linux Distribution? Version? kernel version?
  cc version? libc version? pthread version?

>I installed the pthreads libraries and when I do a ./configure the output
>shows the pthreads.h file was found, but then there is an error message
>that says "unknown pthread version. Is there some thing I forgot to do?

This error implies that your pthread.h header confused our Pthread "final"
vs "draft4" detection.  This can occur if:
  both PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT and pthread_once_init are defined
  neither PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT and pthread_once_init are defined.
  <pthread.h> detection was forced positive [ac_cv_header_pthread_h=yes]
  and <pthread.h> doesn't actually exist.
  install <pthread.h> is incompatible with system headers

You can examine config.log to determine exactly which pthread.h
tests passed or failed (and why).