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Re: client vs. server documentation needed (ITS#308)

In regard to: Re: client vs. server documentation needed  (ITS#308), Kurt...:

>What should go into a client vs server build is largely a matter
>of opinion...  I don't believe there is any consensus on how
>to divide OpenLDAP into separate packages (if at all) for
>redistribution.  I believe it wise to leave such choices to
>the packager, she knows what's best for the target platform.
>This, of course, assumes that packager is familiar with both
>OpenLDAP and the target platform.  I'd hate to assume otherwise.

:-)  I don't think suggestions or guidelines about what's "mainly client-side"
vs. "mainly server-side" would be looked on as offensive or unwelcome by
anyone doing packaging of OpenLDAP.

Anyway, it was just a suggestion.

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