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Problems with SHA encrypted passwords HELP needed

Seems that authorization using SHA encrypted passwords doesn't work.

Without encryption this does work:
ldapsearch -D "uid=RVoglmaier,o=glaxowellcome,c=IT" -w "1234567890" cn=*

Then I add SHA encrypted password with:
>/usr/local/bin/ldappasswd -b "o=glaxowellcome,c=IT" -D "cn=Directory Manager,o=glaxowellcome,c=IT" -w admin -H sha -t "uid=RVoglmaier, o=glaxowellcome, c=IT"

I control it, and really it's correct in the database :

I retry the auth now:
ldapsearch -D "uid=RVoglmaier,o=glaxowellcome,c=IT" -w "1234567890" cn=*
>ldap_simple_bind_s: Invalid credentials

Kurt told me that from {sha} prefix the server understands that he must use SHA authentication, but authentication in my case fails.

I don't understand if it's a problem compiling the sw, in the configuration, . . . . .

Has anybody an idea ?

Thank You very much for any advice