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Re: Eoor indicated "Referral hop limit exceeded" (ITS#291)

You likely have a misconfigured default referral.  Check
your 'referral' configuration directive in slapd.conf and
make sure it doesn't refer to itself.

Then searching with a base of "ou=/usr/tmp,o=Yano Electric"
against a server configured for "dc=yano-el,dc=co.jp" or
"o=Yano Electric, c=JP" will return NoSuchObject.

Also, looks like you also need to get your servers and
clients on the same DN suffix....

Also, use ldapadd(1), not ldif2ldbm(8), to add new entries.
ldapadd(1) will do naming and schema (if enabled) checks.


At 02:11 PM 9/17/99 GMT, iuchi@yano-el.co.jp wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>please suggest my problem on OpenLDAP 1.2 Release.
>Eoor indicated "Referral hop limit exceeded" when seach from
>Communicator's LDAP service.
>I was tried compile OpenLDAP 1.2 Release on RH LINUX 5.2,
>with  ./configure --enable-crypt
>Make passwd.ldif with migrate_passwd.pl
>Edit passwd.ldif
>          like this
>dn:  o=Yano Electric, c=JP
>o: Yano Electric
>objectclass: organization
>dn: uid=oishi,ou=People,dc=yano-el,dc=co.jp
>uid: oishi
>cn: Makoto Oishi
>givenname: Makoto
>sn: oishi
>mail: oishi@yano-el.co.jp
>objectclass: posixAccount
>objectclass: account
>objectclass: top
>userPassword: {crypt} uijkjklkkl
>loginShell: /bin/bash
>uidNumber: 502
>gidNumber: 99
>homeDirectory: /home/oishi
>And then  ldif2ldbm -i passwd.ldif  imprt complete.
>Run slapd
>Access from another HOST(mac and communicator)
>Communicator 4.5(Mac and Windows)
>Select Net Center's server on Communicator.
>Netscape's Net Center configuration are
>      LDAP Server: my server name
>    Serch Location:  ou=/usr/tmp,o=Yano Electric
>               Port:389
>    MaxSearch: 100
>   and all check disable
>Serch strings  "iuchi"  from search field.
>Eoor indicated "Referral hop limit exceeded"
>What Wrong???
>Please suggest me to my problem.
>Koujiro Iuchi
>Network Administrator.