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Re: ldap_search: Partial results and referral received (ITS#288)

OpenLDAP 1.2 slapd will return a partial results error code during
search operations in one of the following two cases.
	1) the search base is not held by server and a default
	referral is set.

	2) the search base is held by the server and one or
	references are to be returned.

If "referral" is not specified in slapd.conf(8), case 1 should
return noSuchObject.  Case 2 is based solely on database
entries.  Do you have any entries with DN that start with

I recommend running slapd with some debugging (-d 5) enabled.
You should be able to see if which case is occurring based
upon log output.  If the result is sent without enterring the
backend, it's case 1.  Otherwise case 2.

You might also try specifying the -R option ldapsearch to
disable any referral chasing.