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creating a memory leak with slapd (ITS#287)

Full_Name: Aaron C. DuMar
Version: 1.2.7
OS: Linux/OpenBSD
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

This isn't a problem, just a note about a problem I had moving from a CSO/PH db
ldap.  I'm hoping that this will help others that see similar behavior.

Some time back, I convinced our guys to move to an LDAP solution for mail
etc. (our little Solaris machine running CSO/PH has seen better days).  Anyways,
dumped our data (using a perl script) from the PH server into an ldif format. 
using the ldif2ldbm binary from OpenLDAP built the db.  Everything seemed fine,
except after a few days, slapd would eat up all of our memory and the machine
worthless (that made our email users quite unhappy :).  So, I set up a script to

restart slapd hourly to handle this until I got the problem solved.

Well, I've finally figured out the memory leak problem.  It seems the problem
with the database (which I assume came from the transition from CSO/PH to
I'm using the ldbm database, and when I export it to ldif format, I see entries

dn: cn=, ou=Department of Physics, o=Texas A&M University, st=TX, c=US

and nothing else (with the exception of the normal well formatted entries).  
There were about 15 of these things.  No "cn", no other attributes.  Must have 
been a bug in the db move.

I removed all these empty entries from the ldif file and rebuilt the db.  Memory

usage seems stable now.

So, if you find memory leaks, even from basic searching/filtering, take a look
the db, it fixed my problem.